[!!!] How to use this course - and the data you get access to

A few thoughts about how to use this course -- and the data you'll get access to:

  1. The idea is that you go through the whole course and not just the specific modules that you need right now. I know, if you are curious about APIs, it's tempting to skip forward to APIs, for instance…

    But as I said, in this course you won't just get access to various types of data sources... It's more important that here -- if you go through the whole course -- you’ll learn a new skill: how to get raw data by yourself.
    I won’t just give you the fish, you’ll learn fishing, too.

    But for that, I really recommend that you go through all modules and you learn everything I show you in this course.
  2. The most common use case is that you use these raw datasets for your hobby projects. Some course participants will use them for their real projects. Both are fine -- and encouraged!
  3. Common question: "Can I publish the things I build to Github?"

    Absolutely! I actually encourage you to do so! In this course, you get the data, but whatever analyses or projects you build on the top of it, that's your product -- your intellectual property -- so yes, please publish it, put it on Github, be proud of it.

    If you do so, I kindly ask you one thing though:

    In the case of the REAL LIFE DATASETS and RANDOMLY GENERATED DATASETS modules: please do not publish the data sources themselves! So even if you upload your code somewhere (e.g. Github), please remove all the urls, filenames and IP addresses that refer to my server. As you know, these provide the main value of this course, so I'd prefer not to see them leaked out somewhere. :-) I hope you understand!
  4. Common question #2: "If I publish something to Github that I built using the course datasets, should I refer to the Data Source course?"

    No. You are not required or obligated in any way to do so.

    As I said before, as long as you don't publish the urls/links/ip_address to my server, everything else you build on the top of the data is basically your product -- your intellectual property.

    (Regardless: if you add a link or a sentence mentioning that you started your project using my course, I'll be super grateful. :-))

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