1.1 Intro


Hey, I’m Tomi Mester from Data36.com - and this is a hands-on step-by-step video tutorial about how to get and install Python, R, SQL and bash to practice Data Science and Coding.

Many people reach out to me, saying that they are taking interactive online courses, or they are reading books and articles, but when it comes to practicing -- they don’t have their own data server and a data coding environment that they can use to practice. In this course, I’ll give you the solution for this exact problem.

There are many different data coding environments that you can use for practicing, but what I’ll show you here is the one that’s the closest to what we Data Analysts and Scientists are using on real-life projects. So this won’t be a virtual machine or a local install on your computer or a third party website. This is gonna be an actual, working data server in the cloud that comes with Python, R, SQL and bash!

As I said, this is a hands-on tutorial, so you will need a computer, preferably with another screen, so you can do the process with me step by step!

Buckle up! This is gonna be fun!

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